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Swimming Pool Cleaning and Pool Repair

North Phoenix, Scottsdale,

Peoria, Anthem, Glendale

Maintenance and Repairs*

Free estimates on maintenance and repairs. All work performed in house by certified pool operator.

  • Pump replacement
  • Salt cell maintenance
  • Filter cleans
  • Filter replacement
  • Chlorine and Acid Washes
  • Pool light repair or replacement
  • Pool drain
  • Auto fill replacement
  • Motor replacement
  • All other pool equipment repairs
  • Always close gate during service and departure.

*Parts are all original purchased through Boissy Pool Service.  We do not provide installation service for equipment purchased from outside suppliers.

Honest, Certified, Insured!
John Boissonnault - Owner/Operator

Honest, Reliable, and Skilled Service.  Boissy's is committed to providing healthy pools.

We are certified by National Swimming Pool Foundation. We are also insured!  
Employees are required to pass background checks and routine drug testing.

Green Pools

The Arizona heat can turn a pool green overnight, here are a few obstacles to consider before attempting to clean the pool on your own.

  • Draining  pool during the wrong temperature can crack the plaster.  
  • Free water tests offered at retail suppliers can leave you guessing regarding the correct chemicals to use and may not be accurate. 
  • Hundreds of dollars later, your pool is still green and not healthy for use.

Boissy's offers free estimates on Green Pool Cleanup. Service includes multiple visits: balancing chemicals and debris removal, until the pool is healthy. We maintain communication each step of the way.

Weekly Service

  • Test water chemistry
  • Adjust chemicals
  • Shock pool as needed
  • Empty baskets
  • Brush waterline, steps, walls
  • Skim debris from water surface
  • Backwash as needed
  • Inspect equipment
  • Maintain lubrication of pump lid o-rings
  • Always close gate during service and departure